Aliquis Telepresence Brings Innovative Telepresence Technology to Veterinary Market

Hodei Technology, LLC today announced the formation of Aliquis Telepresence, a wholly owned division, focused exclusively on bringing Hodei’s advanced, telepresence communication platform and wearable technologies to the global veterinary market.

Aliquis Telepresence is adapting Hodei Technology’s unique communication platform and wearable technologies to improve patient care and outcome in the veterinary space. As one of a handful of Glass partners, Hodei has developed a proprietary and patented use for Google Glass Enterprise Edition for medical applications. The company’s POV® (Point of View) platform provides live, two-way, on-demand connectivity that can connect remote specialists and experts with the front end of veterinary care, opening a new way to educate, enable and empower the entire veterinary team.

Aliquis Telepresence’s technology has the potential to advance veterinary medicine by fundamentally changing the status quo in the delivery of patient care, the training of veterinarians and veterinary staff, and introducing and utilizing technology throughout the global veterinary market.

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