AVMA and MentorVet partner to launch innovative veterinary mentorship program

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has joined MentorVet to launch MentorVet Connect, a structured mentorship program that connects early-career veterinarians with trained mentors who can offer invaluable support and guidance, providing new veterinarians with free access to an established and proven mentoring platform.

The MentorVet Connect program is designed to complement in-clinic mentorship when available, offering broader connections that span geographic and practice boundaries. In addition, the program offers access to a community of veterinarians at all career stages who have the desire to create a healthier profession through mentorship. Initially open to 2023 veterinary graduates as mentees, the AVMA expects to expand the program over time. Any licensed veterinarian with at least one-year of experience can sign up to serve as a mentor. MentorVet Connect will begin pairing mentors and mentees beginning July 1, 2023.

« We are thrilled to partner with MentorVet to offer this valuable resource to 2023 veterinary graduates,” said Dr. Lori Teller, president of the AVMA. “We believe that a strong mentorship program like this will play a key role in helping new veterinarians build healthy and successful careers, while ultimately strengthening the veterinary profession as a whole. MentorVet Connect brought to you by AVMA is an excellent example of AVMA’s commitment to addressing the needs of our members at all stages of their careers. »

« Mentorship is vital at every career stage for all veterinary professionals and seems to be particularly important at career transition points, » said Dr. Addie Reinhard, founder and CEO of MentorVet, a rapidly growing entity that leverages evidence-based approaches to empower individuals to thrive within veterinary medicine. « Our research suggests that positive mentoring has the potential to reduce burnout and improve overall mental health and wellbeing, so we are so excited to be partnering with the AVMA to expand availability of our evidence-based paired mentorship services to more individuals within the profession. »

MentorVet Connect is designed to create one-on-one connections between veterinarians, offering support to early-career veterinarians by pairing them with trained mentors in a similar practice type. Together, the mentor and mentee create a customized mentoring plan that best suits the mentee’s needs.

A positive mentor relationship can provide emotional and career support that makes a real difference in the success, satisfaction, and wellbeing of new veterinarians. MentorVet does extensive research on their mentorship programming, and their existing programming may help protect participants against burnout: In a study measuring burnout levels among recent veterinary graduates, MentorVet program participants showed lower exhaustion and cynicism levels over time, while non-participants saw significant increases.

To sign up as a mentee or mentor, visit MentorVet.net/Connect

Interested mentees begin by completing an application and a 1–2-hour training program on the platform. Once granted access, mentees can search for mentors in various locations and practice types, and send connection requests. Upon connecting, mentees and mentors establish a 6-month communication plan with at least one 1-hour virtual call to discuss goals and expectations. To further enhance their professional development, mentees can participate in optional monthly networking and community events.

Becoming a MentorVet Connect mentor offers seasoned veterinarians the opportunity to give back to the industry and support the next generation of veterinary professionals.

MentorVet Connect volunteers must be licensed veterinarians with at least one year of experience, willing to commit a minimum of 5 hours for initial mentor training and 1 hour per month for mentoring. The program seeks dedicated professionals eager to contribute to the development and success of new veterinarians. To further refine their mentoring skills, mentors have the option to attend monthly network events and mentor training events.

Prospective mentors start by completing a volunteer screening application, followed by a 2-hour live virtual orientation that includes suicide prevention training and an introduction to the community. After creating a mentor profile and finishing a 3-hour self-paced training, mentors receive five hours of CE credit and can indicate their desired number of mentees, up to four.

Upon completion of the six-month mentorship period, both mentees and mentors can choose to continue the relationship or pair with new mentees or mentors, allowing for continuous growth and development within the veterinary community.

The MentorVet Connect program is free for participants, made possible through support from the AVMA and educational funders Merck Animal Health and Royal Canin.

To learn more about MentorVet Connect brought to you by the AVMA, visit avma.org/Mentor.

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