Clarius introduces 3 ultra-portable wireless smartphone ultrasound scanners

At the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX), Clarius Mobile Health launched Clarius HD3 Vet, its third-generation product line of handheld wireless ultrasound scanners for veterinarians. The 3 new scanners are 30% lighter and smaller than the previous generation, making them about the size of a smartphone.

Clarius HD3 Vet wireless scanners feature AI-powered imaging with dedicated animal presets. According to the release, the devices are used in conjunction with iOS and Android devices and come with the “latest antenna technology” to maintain a consistent connection. The company also claims the scanners can deliver “up to 8 times faster frame rates and micron-level resolution” compared to other handheld ultrasound scanners. The 3 new Clarius HD3 Vet models are as follows:

  • Clarius C7 HD3 Vet for small and medium animals
  • Clarius C3 HD3 Vet for larger animals
  • Clarius L7 HD3 Vet for equine MSK imaging

Camilla Edwards, a veterinary surgeon from First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound, was the first veterinarian to test the third-generation Clarius C7 HD Vet.

« …It’s much smaller than the previous scanners, weighs much less, and is much easier to control, » said Edwards. « It’s much more practical for carrying in your pocket and using in the practice setting where we often need to take the ultrasound to our furry patients. »

« The new Clarius HD3 line is now so remarkably small that it’s no bigger than my iPhone, » said Laurent Pelissier, Clarius CEO. « Our world-class R&D team has miniaturized the high-performance of traditional, cart-based ultrasound systems into a new form factor that truly feels like a traditional ultrasound probe. By replacing complex knobs and buttons with artificial intelligence, it automatically optimizes imaging for ease of use. »

Clarius Ultrasound App 9

In concert with the new products, a new version of the Clarius Ultrasound application is also being released to the iOS App Store and Google Play store with new AI and imaging tools that further advance image quality. Additionally, it includes a new Advanced Veterinarian Package that Clarius says will enable veterinarians to personalize their imaging experience.

Clarius introduces three new ultra-portable wireless smartphone ultrasound scanners for veterinarians at the VMX Expo. News release. Clarius Mobile Health. Accessed January 24, 2022.

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