Eavesdropping may provide animal health and welfare insights

Cargill is currently researching how audio data collected from birds on poultry farms can be used to help improve animal health and welfare, the company recently reported.

Using machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Cargill data scientists have been analyzing chicken vocalizations to try to identify patterns and changes that may signal a health or welfare problem before it is apparent to the human eye.

Cargill is conducting a pilot at two poultry farms in China, where the company operates a fully integrated poultry business. In Canada, Cargill is also using video to record data on a poultry farm that supplies its protein business. There, the company is looking at how the birds’ movements may indicate health changes over time.

In both cases, the teams have had to troubleshoot issues that come from collecting data in the farm environment. For example, they realized that natural temperature fluctuations, dust and other conditions can impact the hardware needed to collect data.

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