Extensive DNA test for dogs hits the market

The Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA test will help owners be proactive in their pets care

Basepaws announced that it has launched Basepaws Breed + Health Dog DNA Test, an extensive DNA test. The test offers pet parents the chance to swab their pets to get mobile-friendly results.1

“Basepaws is dedicated to helping pets lead longer, healthier lives by equipping pet parents with the knowledge and resources to provide proactive care. With a passion-fueled team, including pet parents, geneticists, veterinarians, and the world’s leading animal health provider, we aim to be the go-to choice for dog DNA testing worldwide, » said Anna Skaya, CEO and founder of Basepaws, in an organizational release.1

According to the release, the oral swab test will give an insight into a dog’s genetics, including over 280 generic markers linked to different canine hereditary conditions.1 The test will also provide a compressive breakdown of breed similarity by comparing the pet’s genome to the over 200+ canine breeds in the Basepaw database. The database also provides the details for over 30 distinct genetic trait markers that can influence a dog’s physical characteristics, including coat length, color, texture, pattern, body size, shape, and structure.

“Basepaws entry into the dog genetics market showcases their creativity and innovation. Building on their track record of setting industry standards with the cat DNA test, their history suggests a promising future in the dog DNA domain,” expressed Wafaa Mamilla, executive vice president, chief digital and technology officer, and group president for China, Brazil, and precision animal health at Zoetis.

“Zoetis enthusiastically supports this strategic expansion, anticipating significant advancements in the field and improved health outcomes for our canine companions,” she concluded.1

Basepaws utilizes Illumnia Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, making them the first company in pet genetics to employ them. NGS works by creating masses of DNA sequencing data and can deliver data output ranging from 300 kilobases up to multiple terabases in a single run, instrument type, and configuration dependent.2 The company performs in-house whole genome sequencing and delivers data on approximately 2.5 billion nucleotides based on the canine being analyzed.1

The kits are available online exclusively on the Basepaws website.

Source : https://www.dvm360.com/view/extensive-dna-test-for-dogs-hits-the-market

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