Faecal egg count methods ‘revolutionised’

Traditional microscope-based faecal egg count (FEC) testing methods have been “revolutionised” with the release of a fully auditable, image-based diagnostic platform.

The new, upgraded FECPAKG2 device from Techion means the platform is now a battery-powered smart device that is wi-fi enabled. This will allow the system to pair with smartphones, tablets and laptops, meaning samples can be uploaded and analysed, and results received, virtually anywhere.
Tabitha Allen from Techion said: “The technology allows internet-connected and image-based FEC testing to be carried out literally on the job.
“While the current system is able to return results rapidly, samples need to be uploaded via a computer. The upgrade will, therefore, give users more flexibility, allowing samples to be processed away from the office.

“Samples are then analysed by trained online technicians so we can confidently provide accurate results, which can then help farmers make informed decisions when it comes to worming. The new upgrade now includes a digital microscope that enhances image quality further, making it quicker and easier than ever before to provide these accurate results.”

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