Furry Tails: ‘Fort’ifying Your Dog’s Health 

TailTrax uses “litter link technology” to track you pet’s health through its family.

TailTrax can track your dog’s brothers and sisters even if they don’t live in the same community or town or state.

“Because of technology, because of algorithms and data, we can tie dogs from anywhere in the world,” he says.

McKenry says it may take longer to track down the family of a dog with a more mysterious background, but it is possible. He adds that there is so much more to come from the app.
“TailTrax is for all dogs anywhere, doesn’t matter if you get them as a rescue, a pet parent, a breeder or a vet, it’s catered to the whole pet community,” McKenry said. “We’re really excited for what it’s capable of. It’s got so many facets and so many features to come in the future.”
In addition to health records and reminders, McKenry says TailTrax can help pet owners find dog parks, pet-friendly hotels, boarding facilities, veterinarians, breeders and more.

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