GlobalVetLink Introduces the Pet TravelPass™ for International Pet Travel

New product for veterinarians removes the risk and uncertainty associated with international travel compliance documentation
 GlobalVetLink announces an enhancement to the industry standard GVL Compliance Assistant software platform to help veterinarians prepare the compliance certificates required for international travel.

« GlobalVetLink knows every veterinarian wants to feel confident doing what they do best, which is delivering a broad range of services to their clients, » stated Gary Ambrosino, CEO of GlobalVetLink. « The GVL Pet TravelPass eliminates the hours of research and preparation required to create accurate and compliant International Health Certificates for owners traveling with their pets. Our new Pet TravelPass automates this process and gives veterinary practices a new and profitable service to offer to pet owners. »               

The GVL Pet TravelPass is an expansion of the GlobalVetLink’s Compliance Assistant SaaS platform used by over 10,000 veterinary practices for creation, and electronic submission of compliant health records for companion, production, and equine focused practices. GVL Pet TravelPass automates regulatory research with built-in intelligent rule checking on a country-by-country basis. This replaces time consuming manual research processes and eliminates mistakes that prevent  many veterinary practices from offering international pet travel documentation services.

A simple step-by-step workflow collects basic information supplied by the veterinarian and creates an International Health Certificate (IHC), Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), and Rabies Vaccination Certificate in submission-ready, government standard format accepted by the USDA and state animal health offices. The GVL Pet TravelPass can be used for meeting both international and domestic travel documentation requirements.

« The GVL Pet TravelPass’s ability to streamline the creation of travel documents for dogs and cats is the first product of its kind, » stated Matt Keller, VP of Product at GlobalVetLink. « We’re excited to simplify what hundreds of veterinarians have told us is a painstaking and nerve racking process that they often avoid, with easy-to-use online software that eliminates time consuming complex paperwork and the need to understand obscure and confusing government regulations. »

GVL Pet TravelPass is available now at and offers an easy sign-up and get-started process, with no subscription fee or monthly minimums. GlobalVetLink offers unlimited support to practices getting started with Pet TravelPass, as well as a comprehensive library of RACE CE approved training courses through GVL University.

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