GomiLabs creating AI devices to care for and entertain pets

Among the lineup of GomiLabs’ devices is an interactive smart toy called the Gomi Ball, scheduled for global launch in September, that continuously rolls in irregular patterns as it interacts with pets and uses responsive triggers, such as touch.

The device’s AI system analyzes the pets’ patterns for 24 hours through a free mobile application, allowing pet owners to remotely track and monitor their pets’ activity, the chief executive said.

« When the dog bites Gomi, it vibrates, and when the dog grabs or drops Gomi, it rolls away and escapes by itself, » Kim said. « Gomi continuously moves in patterns that are tailored for each pet as it gets smarter so that your pet never gets bored. »

The smart toy, first showcased on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, costs US$146 and comes with a charger stand and a cable.

Two additional devices — a wearable attached to a collar and an automatic feeder — are currently under development as well and available for a prototype soon, GomiLabs said.

« The wearable has a sensor that monitors pets’ movements to learn their activity patterns in real time, » Kim said. « The device is also connected to the application that instructs pets to move around when they need exercise. »

The AI-driven feeder product, the Gomi Toss, is also connected to the application to not only record the amount of food intake but also automatically give more food as rewards when the pet exercises with the Gomi Ball

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