How Important Is Artificial Intelligence In Animal Health?

 Smart wearables that are increasingly used in the healthcare sector for pet animals can generate a huge amount of data. There raises the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to utilize the data. This technology employs machine learning algorithms and real-time analysis. There are a number of data analytic tools to analyze and visualize data to find trends and patterns. AI can intervene with these tools as it has a lot of value in predictive analysis. It can find commonalities among the data collected regarding the spread of a disease and its cause. In some cases, AI could study the pattern of the disease spread to predict the geographical regions it might spread, thus alerting the veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies to prepare for it.

Next comes the smart cameras powered by AI that can identify individual animals using facial recognition. With a veterinary thermal camera, there is not any need for exploratory surgery. Artificial intelligence brings changes to business models in many sectors. Big data is also changing the way business decisions are made based on data and not intuition. One big company like IBM has already started working on ‘AI Assistants’ for veterinarians. These assistants can instantly recognize species once a pet or animal walks in through the door and diagnose it utilizing a database containing 800 medical conditions.

The accuracy of automated veterinary diagnostic tools has changed the way a veterinarian physically interacts with an animal, and AI decides if a physical checkup is even warranted with particular symptoms. New apps have been created to help farmers determine if their cows are sick or if the situation is an emergency and if they require a veterinarian. In the future, AI will give rise to ‘Smart Farms’ that can automatically diagnose the sickness of cows and administer remedies by changing the die without the involvement of humans.

AI has already affected so many sectors, and its impact on animal health is in the developmental stage. However, when utilized properly, it can result in an exciting future.

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