How Will Smart Wearables Drive the Veterinary Industry?

Technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality have made human lives smarter by taking to the next level. Smart wearables are the most profitable business worldwide and will contribute to the enormous profits in the market in the next ten years. Eventually, pets and livestock can get smarter with these devices. Began with an easily readable tag to identify animals, the wearable technology has gained significant priority in the market.

Now, veterinary doctors are recommending smartwatches, wearables, smart clothing, GPS trackers, fitness trackers, activity trackers, skin patches, pet cameras, medical devices, pet-to-human translators, and many more to monitor their patient’s health. The revolutionary development of cost-efficient wireless sensors, smartphone apps with pre-built digital maps, advancements in IoT technology, and highly using smartphones to connect various devices remotely has contributed to the surge in demand for pet wearables.

Veterinarians acquire a pet’s health-related information, medical history, pet’s vaccination, and maintain a record of past procedures and treatments from the information gained from smart wearables. Although the global market for pet wearables is in the infancy stage, a range of companies are developing feature-rich pet wearables and app solutions. Some of the key market players are devising new strategies, including new product development, acquisitions, and collaborating with device making and app development companies to establish their efficient products.

Among all categories, health monitoring wearables are gaining alarming acceptance and popularity, with a significant rise in health concerns for patients. The drastic increase in the pet’s obesity rate has led to the medical diagnosis and treatment for obesity through the wearables. Such innovative pet wearables facilitate efficient animal medical care. People are more concerned about their pet’s safety, security, health, monitoring, and behavior. Knowing that only technology can meet their needs, companies worldwide are looking forward to developing pet wearables that will not only enable the pet owners to have control over pet’s overall activities but allow veterinarians to provide the utmost care.

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