My Virtual Vet Is Ready to Pounce

My Virtual Vet (MVV) is technology’s newest addition to the veterinary telemedicine market. Created out of Wharton and winner of the Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship challenge, MVV is positioned for explosive growth by creating the ideal marketplace – unlike any competitor. Pet parents find virtual veterinary care, right when they need it, and veterinarians capture new clients seeking veterinary expertise.

The company is aimed at ensuring that pet parents no longer rely on the hours of standard veterinary practices to receive care for their pets. Pet parents can avoid stressful trips to the veterinarian and receive peace-of-mind where the animal is most calm, in the comfort of their own home. While MVV does not fully replace in person veterinary care, the service minimizes pet parents’ anxiety and costs associated with expensive urgent care visits or routine visits addressing issues such as skin, ear, and gastrointestinal problems. Offering more than an advice line, MVV can connect pet parents with veterinarians who can both treat and prescribe based on their state’s veterinary telemedicine regulation. MVV meets a substantial need for pet parents, with 30% of app downloads converting to a scheduled appointment.

« I appreciated the most that I can do this all from the comforts of my own home. Taking Hayden to the vet logistically is a process for the both of us. By the time we make it into the front door, Hayden is too high strung. This allowed Dr. Capuzzi to see Hayden in his natural habitat. » – M. Huval, TX

Veterinarians look to MVV as an alternative model to their traditional veterinary business, leveraging the platform to not only connect with their existing clients, but as a powerful customer acquisition tool. Roughly 90% of appointments done through MVV are with new clients – a huge  value proposition for veterinarians. In addition to expanding clientele, an added benefit of MVV is veterinarians can utilize the software for free. Instead of a subscription model, MVV receives a small percentage of the revenue generated by the video or chat appointments accomplished through the platform, so that veterinarians can own how they set pricing and availability. For pet parents, utilizing this model translates to transparency in pricing, availability, veterinarian licensing and specialties.

MVV has proven an early stage product market fit through its explosive growth, skyrocketing ~850% since March. MVV is currently raising a Seed Round with the intent of ramping up the marketing presence and expanding their national reach.

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