New Artificial Intelligence Technology Meets the Maternity Ward

Ever.Ag has introduced “Maternity Warden,” a computer vision monitoring device that monitors close-up dry cows. According to the company, Maternity Warden “automatically, passively, and objectively monitors your herd and alerts you to cows in labor.”

The system uses cameras and on-site edge nodes with AI models to recognize changes in cows’ behavior indicative of calving in its earliest stages. It detects symptoms such as tail raising, contractions, and visibility of fetal parts to determine when a cow enters the birthing process.

According to Ever.Ag, early identification of calving lowers stillbirth rates and allows for accurate assessment of when to intervene, which subsequently lowers dystocia incidence.

Maternity Warden provides round-the-clock alerts of imminent calving, creates timestamps for critical events, and saves on labor by dispatching workers to help only as needed. Thanks to the improvement in both calf and dam monitoring, Maternity Warden also promotes animal welfare.

“By using technology to provide an extra set of eyes 24/7, we aim to significantly reduce adverse calving events that impact animal welfare and cause financial losses,” said Ryne Braun, Director, Ever.Ag.

The innovative technology debuted at the 2023 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. It is the first product launch by Ever.Ag that is “focused on making farms more efficient, productive, and humane through AI and automation.”

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