Petcare Innovation – The Blockchain Approach

In the 90s, after the emergence of the internet, the pet food industry has grown into the billion-dollar industry and keeps on growing to date. The second phase had started when blockchain technology entered the pet industry with petcare innovation.

It is helping by bring profit and ensuring the security of pets, which makes it easier to run.

Pawtocol is a leading tech startup that is helping pet owners to veterinarians all around the world by using the blockchain platform. Their mobile app allows pet parents to record their beloved pet’s dietary information, which can be accessed from any device, at any time. Moreover, one can directly contact the vet through the app and get their problems solved without much hassle.

CogniPet is another startup that has already adopted Blockchain technology to enhance their business and maximize their customer satisfaction. They use Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain combined to identify your pet by a series of images that are stored in their data. Not only images but also information too helps in establishing the pedigree connection. Furthermore, it helps you to obtain legal documents like digital certificates, ownership certificates, etc.

This brings us to another tech startup, HealthyTail, which is the first veterinary blockchain aiming at the health and longevity of your pet. One of the primary issues HealthyTail is attempting to fix is the pure breed of cats and dogs, which is difficult because of harmful mutation.

These pure breeds have several issues that are specific to the breed. The issue is that there are so many pure breeds out there these days that there is a lack of information on what issues they may have in relative to the number of animals impacted.

Through the blockchain platform, they are managing all the data, from genomic data to analyzing them for any disease and later on, suggesting treatment accordingly.

With the combination of Blockchain technology and pet tech startups, the pet industry is going through a long-term renovation by offering modern solutions for the 21st-century ever-growing problems.

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