PoochPlay: The dog activity tracker that introduces wearables for pets

What is PoochPlay and why is a dog activity tracker needed?
PoochPlay is a dog activity tracker and well-being management app that recommends diet and activity plans tailored to your dog, based on breed, health, weight, sex and age.
Paired with the activity monitor, the app tells the user precisely how active the dog has been and can calculate if your pet is too thin or overweight.

This specific feature is something vets are urging owners to consider more frequently, as research has shown that 70% of dogs are overweight.
There is also a lack of awareness amongst dog owners, with 60% admitting they don’t know the level of exercise their dog needs. PoochPlay takes all of that into account and provides a solution.

Dog wellbeing appears to receive more attention now than previously. Why do you think this is?
Absolutely. Everyone from food manufacturer to vets and other pet supplies companies have been focusing on dog wellbeing.
The cost to pet owners for treating dog obesity-related conditions is about £215m a year and obesity in dogs reduces their lifespan by up to two years.

How do you think pet care more generally can benefit from tech like the dog activity tracker?
With PoochPlay, we wanted to create an ecosystem that would help dog owners take care of their dog’s complete wellbeing effortlessly.
We knew the value was in capturing information and translating that into something meaningful and actionable, and technology has enabled us to create this.
As a couple of examples, we’ve created the world’s largest database of dog food with all of the nutritional content and programmed our app to capture all the personal data of the dog.

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