Startup Vet2Pet provides app to foster vet-client communications 

Colorado veterinarian Stacee Santi went searching online a few years back for an app that would allow her to remind clients about important health-related tasks, such as giving their dogs heartworm and anti-tick medications each month. She came up empty.

So, Santi decided to build her own app, and in 2013, she launched a company to market it to other veterinarians. Now the app, called Vet2Pet, has 230 users in the U.S., Canada, Portugal and Norway, according to a profile in the Source from Colorado State University. Santi’s goal is to attract 2,500 subscribers to the app.

Vet2Pet is a customizable app that veterinarians can use to take orders for medication refills, send appointment notices and other reminders, and set up loyalty programs for their clients. After vets order the features they want on Vet2Pet’s website, they can sign up for the service at fees that start at $149 a month. The company recently added an optional feature called PetSynch, which integrates with four different practice-management software packages, allowing vets to offer their clients an app that auto-loads information such as appointment reminders onto their smartphones.

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