Telemedicine to be launched by top UK vet group

The Independent Vetcare group believes its Online Vets service is unique in resolving the biggest issue plaguing virtual veterinary consultations by offering clients a “no win, no fee” deal.

Britain’s largest vet group has unveiled its answer to competition from a growing number of UK telemedicine businesses – by launching its own.

Douglas Veitch, head of Online Vets, said: “In human health care, if you see a doctor online he or she can prescribe, but under RCVS legislation vets cannot do that, so the client will often pay twice; once for the online consult, then for the subsequent consultation in practice.

“But, with IVC’s extensive network, our Online Vets team can refer into one of our 800-plus practices and ensure the initial online consult fee is deducted from the bill.

“This resolves the issue that deters many clients from using virtual vets and they will have peace of mind knowing if the vet cannot resolve the issue, the fee will come off the bill in practice. It’s a no win, no fee approach.”

Dr Veitch continued: “We’re having a relatively soft launch to ensure everything is running smoothly, then, as the year progresses, we aim to increase resource in line with demand.

“The IVC vets are excited about the service because it offers flexible work to some staff and means we have an offering in the virtual space, where we needed to compete.”

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