The Best Pet Trackers for Your Furry Friends

Wearables have arrived in the domestic animal kingdom. Caring pet guardians are using GPS or Wi-Fi-powered electronic collars to do everything from track a pet’s eating and sleeping habits, activity levels, and location, to monitoring overall health and fitness over time, all with the help of mobile apps that constantly record and send information to your smartphone. But it’s a jungle out there.

With so many pet trackers and companion apps to choose from, it’s hard to figure out which one will best serve you and your pet, so here are a few things to consider as you search for a tracker for your Fido or Fluffy.

For the device itself, comfort is paramount. You want something comfy and adjustable so your dog or cat will not have to endure some heavy, klutzy weight on their bodies in your effort to keep them healthy and safe. Ideally, the tracker should be waterproof, so doggo can go for a swim or get caught in the rain. It should have a removable battery or be easy to remove from the collar or harness so you don’t have to wrangle your pet just to keep the thing charged.

Look for a system that has a high-quality app that can track real-time location as closely as possible. Some tracker systems have perimeter alerts or electronic fences that warn you when your pet gets too adventurous and wanders out of a specified geographic range. If your pet suffers from any kind of weight issues, activity monitoring can be super helpful. Other than that, you might also check the level of customer service or if the design of the device allows for improvements or updates to the hardware or software. Trackers that use GPS are much more accurate than Bluetooth trackers, which transmit location only if they’re within Bluetooth range of your phone.

The dog lovers at Digital Trends have already tested a few of these devices, and have had some positive experiences with the likes of Whistle Go Explore, Findster Duo, Samsung Smart Things Tracker, and the Link AKC Smart Collar. We’ve included versions of some of those in our listing of the best pet trackers.

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