Vetoquinol : Innovation – New light therapy supports skin recovery in pets 

For faster skin recovery in dogs and cats, Vetoquinol has just introduced mid-May in the first country (Italy) a new device literally shining a light on dermatological pet struggles: Phovia.

First wave of launches also includes DACH (Austria, Germany and Switzerland), France and Iberia (Spain and Portugal) in June.

Using an in-clinic, noninvasive light application, this new product aims to improve a pets’ quality of life with accelerated skin regeneration. This will be a new way of managing skin infection and our ambition is to become the new standard in localized skin infection and wound management.
Skin disorders account for over 36% of veterinary issues, and for pet parents who prefer an alternative to long courses of treatment – Phovia is an ideal solution, halving the treatment time. What’s more, there’s a reduced chance of side effects due to the shorter course of treatment and a lower risk of antimicrobial resistance, too.

The innovative Phovia system uses a unique chromophore gel, applied to the skin. When activated by the blue LED light from the associated lamp, the chromophores release polychromatic Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE). While most light therapy systems are limited to a single wavelength, addressing at most one level of the skin, the Phovia chromophores release FLE at multiple wavelengths, giving multiple beneficial cellular responses simultaneously.

The resulting effects include reduced inflammation, accelerated dermal fibroblast proliferation, increased collagen synthesis, and stimulated angiogenesis-hence faster repair of damaged skin. There is also solid evidence that FLE can accelerate healing of chronic inflammatory skin conditions and acute and chronic wounds.

The preparation of this launch has started one and a half year ago with the set up of a significant pre-launch plan: the recruitment of investigators in a massive trial to better know about Phovia itself and get a series of clinical cases on other diseases and species.

Why such pre-launch? Phovia changes totally the management of skin infections and wounds, therefore we wanted to get the feedback and endorsement of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and specialists. With providing lamps and gel kits to most European specialists, we recruit our ambassadors who will be our spokepersons to convince general practitioners through conferences, testimonials, wetlabs, etc.
A Phovia launch team (including Europe and North American marketers) took also benefit of this pre-launch period to better know our customers expectations and pains in dermatology and spent time in clinics to define a customer-led positioning for Phovia. This allowed to design the communication campaign and the launch toolkit accordingly.

Another issue was the supply of products for launch: the DIQ subteam worked hard with our external manufacturers (for lamp and gel), and discovered a new world: the medical device production.

Now this is the turn of our commercial teams to make a success of Phovia, having the support of highly convinced ambassadors and agile marketing teams. The potential of this new Vetoquinol innovation is really high, as it will be reaching our top 5 brands as of 2022.

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