Where is Basepaws from ‘Shark Tank’ now? Zoetis acquires DNA testing kit company for cats

Zoetis, a pioneer in animal health, has acquired Basepaws in a move that will significantly advance feline health R&D

Much of the attention in the longevity domain is on the great potential for extending both human lifespan and health span, but the discoveries scientists are making today have far-reaching implications beyond human health. Enter Basepaws, a pet health and genetics firm that employs cutting-edge technology to improve the health and longevity of humanity’s feline friends.

Basepaws offers genetic testing kits for cats based on scientific advances in genetics and microbiome research. The firm provides three tests: one that looks at breed and health, one that looks at oral health, and one that looks at the entire genome. The firm has grown and attracted new investors, including « sharks » Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary from ‘Shark Tank.’ Zoetis, a major animal health firm, has now acquired Basepaws. Zoetis will benefit from Basepaws’ extensive library of feline genetics, which will aid in the expansion of their feline health R&D and inspire future developments.

Source : https://meaww.com/where-is-basepaws-from-shark-tank-now-zoetis-acquires-dna-testing-kit-company-cats-594742

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