Writing on the wall for veterinary radiologists as IVC installs artificial intelligence to slash diagnostic time

IVC Evidensia has adopted a new technology which uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate radiology diagnostic reports in minutes instead of days.

The technology, developed by US firm SignalPET, sends X-rays through an AI machine algorithm to get a more or less instantaneous report, rather than needing a radiology specialist to analyse results, which can take up to three days.

IVC starting trialling the system with 22 of its practices last November and it quickly became clear that there were huge benefits, including saving time for clinicians, cost, and improving confidence in the diagnosis.

The majority of IVC’s trial teams said they viewed the technology as a positive diagnostic aid, supporting their own professional opinion.

It also served as a learning tool, increasing the confidence and clinical independence of younger or newly qualified vets.

Sarah Merrell, Clinical Director at Lincvet, a group of IVC Evidensia practices in Lincoln and one of the trial clinics, said: “SignalPET has proved really valuable – giving us excellent support for radiography.

« It has been used by both our highly experienced and newly graduated clinicians to get a second set of ‘eyes’ on our cases giving reassurance and support when reading our radiographs. 

“Overall, it has improved clinician confidence, reduced the pressure on senior vets, given us an additional tool for training and development, and greatly enhanced client understanding of our findings.”

Alistair Cliff, IVC Evidensia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said: “The AI radiology process developed by SignalPET represents a real revolution in how results are analysed.

« The overwhelming success of our initial trial in November means we are confident in pushing ahead with rolling out the technology in the UK this year and eventually, in Europe too. »

Source : https://www.vetsurgeon.org/news/b/veterinary-news/posts/writing-on-the-wall-for-veterinary-radiologists-as-ivc-installs-artificial-intelligence-to-slash-diagnostic-time

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