ImpriMed Launches Chemo Response Prediction using AI

ImpriMed, Inc., a leading veterinary precision medicine biotech startup today announced the launching of their most advanced precision medicine service for canine hematopoietic cancers – ImpriMed Chemo Response Prediction and ImpriMed Immunophenotyping for Canine Lymphoma. These services not only aim to solidify ImpriMed’s approach to maximize the information that a veterinary oncologist can utilize but will make the prediction to the right therapy much faster.

Dr. Sungwon Lim, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ImpriMed said, “During the past three years, we’ve received truly amazing support from the veterinary community. We are currently working with over 150 veterinary oncologists whose 2,000 canine patients have benefited from participating in our clinical study.”

ImpriMed Chemo Response Prediction for Canine Lymphoma uses artificial intelligence (AI), the only service in the veterinary market to predict which cancer therapy drugs are most likely to be effective for a particular dog’s lymphoma or leukemia using ‘live’ cell data from chemosensitivity and immunophenotyping. The service includes:

Proprietary drug sensitivity test on individual patient’s live tumor cells utilizing up to 13 of the most prescribed anti-cancer drugs for canine lymphomas or leukemias
Time course and efficacy predictions for CHOP protocol, the gold standard combinatorial chemotherapy for canine lymphoma patients, with ImpriMed’s extensive database and AI-driven technology
Flow cytometry to quantify surface protein expressions on the patient’s cancer cells
PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangements (PARR) to investigate clonality of patient samples
Brief immunophenotyping result notification in 3-4 days
Full-service report including AI-driven in vivo drug response predictions in 7 days
ImpriMed Immunophenotyping for Canine Lymphoma includes both flow cytometry and PARR to achieve high sensitivity and specificity. The service utilizes just a fine needle aspiration (FNA) sample and can deliver accurate results to the veterinarians in 3-4 days.

With ImpriMed’s service report, doctors can decide on the best treatment path based on the specifics of the dog’s lymphoma. The comprehensive report includes drug sensitivity (in vivo drug response prediction data compiled using advanced artificial intelligence), flow cytometry, and PARR results. For more information on ImpriMed’s key product, Chemo Response Prediction Service, please visit here.

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