Lost Pet? New Technology Reuniting Families With Their Pets

One of the first in Canada, Brampton Animal Services is now using animal facial recognition to help families find their lost pets.

One in three pets will go lost.

Last year, according to Brampton Animal Services, 562 lost dogs and cats were received at their shelter. Only 67% of the dogs and 11% of the cats were reunited with their families. Dogs and cats not reunited are placed for adoption for new homes.

The non-profit organization called Petco Love, has implemented a facial recognition program to assist. They work with 888 animal shelters across the United States, and now, Brampton is one of their newest partners in Canada.

Simply go to their website, register, and upload a picture of your pet. If your pet is lost, a partnering animal shelter will try to match the photo and contact you.

Lost your pet but didn’t upload a picture before? Don’t worry. Go to the website, enter your location from the “I lost a pet” link, upload your pet’s picture, and see if there is a match. Participating animal shelters will upload pictures for all pets they receive to the same database.

Found a pet? Same process. Take a photo of the pet and follow the easy instructions on the “I found a pet” link.

Don’t Forget the Chip

Many pet owners have the pet store, or their veterinary, insert a small microchip contained in a small glass cylinder (about the same size as a grain of rice) into the ear of the animal. If your pet is lost, a scanner is used to pass over the microchip. The chip will pass on information to the scanner, including the owner’s contact information.

To install the microchip, no surgery or anesthesia is required, as the microchip can be implanted under the skin using a hypodermic needle.

Facial recognition technology, microchips, what’s next? Some pet owners are placing GPS devices onto the collar of their treasured 4-legged friend. Can body cams be next? Takes on a new meaning of alley cat, where you can finally see the mischiefs of your cat!

To adopt a loving pet, or to find out more about the new facial recognition technology, contact Brampton Animal Services.

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