‘Virtual vets’ tech leads to novel Telemedicine Hospital 

A Cambridge company has created what it believes to be the world’s first Telemedicine Hospital to help vets around the world with difficult diagnoses of sick animals – and manage issues in their own careers which can lead to losing interest in their career, stress and even suicide.

VetCT’s Telemedicine Hospital uses state of the art imaging & video technology to help vets deal with all manner of issues inherent in their jobs.

While second opinion, extremely hi-tech diagnoses of sick animals is a main plank of the service, the Telemedicine Hospital’s directors know from experience that their televisual mentorship will also help vets and their staff deal with personal crises.

The VetCT Telemedicine hospital – underpinned by a rapid response veterinary specialist advice line – provides instant remote access to veterinary specialists for vets themselves. 

The initiative has been co-developed by veterinary specialists Dr Yaiza Forcada and Professor Dr Stijn Niessen and is a subdivision of VetCT – a global company harnessing the power of technological innovations to improve veterinary patient care and the professional satisfaction and wellbeing of veterinary surgeons.

Forcada and Stijn were working at the Royal Veterinary College in London and had many years of experience in dealing with veterinary patients, veterinary undergraduates, new graduates and practitioners. They were uniquely placed to identify needs within the profession and VetCT directors Dr Victoria Johnson and Dr Julien Labruyère worked with them to develop solutions. 

The Telemedicine Hospital gives veterinary practices inside and outside the UK bespoke access to an independent multidisciplinary specialist team for advice and support.

Vets can also get second opinions on diagnosis via teleradiology reporting, which is the transmission of radiological patient images – for example x-rays and CT & MRI scans.

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